Win a FREE copy of The Neighbors

the neighborsWant to win a FREE copy of my upcoming novel, The Neighbors?  To enter the giveaway, just write reviews on Amazon for the books you’ve already read.  The reviews can even just be a few words!

All reviews will be entered into a raffle.  So the more books you review, the better your chances of winning!  The randomly selected winner will receive an advance copy of The Neighbors.  All reviews must be posted by Saturday(9/26) at midnight EST to be entered into the giveaway.

To enter:

  1. Email me screen shots of your reviews (my email:
  2. Or email me the name you used for the reviews & a list of which books you reviewed

That’s it!  The winner will be notified on Sunday!

Use the following Amazon links to write reviews:
Temptation Part 1
Temptation Part 2
Temptation Part 3
Temptation Parts 1-3
Addiction Part 1
Addiction Part 2
The Roommate – Part 1
The Vacation
The Blind Date – Part 1
Cloudy with a Chance of Sex

Already wrote a review?  No problem, it can count too!  Just email me the screen shot or username for the old review to enter it into the giveaway. (my email:

The Neighbors is also now available for pre-order!  Pre-order it today HERE.

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