New Book Announcement, Plus Win a FREE copy of Going for Gold

I have some exciting news…a new book is coming this summer!  But before you start throwing things because it’s not the next in The Hunted series…it is related.  It’s Rob’s story!  James’ little brother is about to fall in love in paradise!  Plus, it takes place during James’ bachelor party and you’ll get to learn more about him as well.

The new book (I haven’t come up with a title yet) will fit snugly into The Hunted series just like Mason and Bee’s story in City of Sin.  You can kind of think of City of Sin as The Hunted series book 2.5 and this new book as The Hunted series book 3.5.  So stay tuned for more info.  Hopefully I’ll come up with a name soon.

I hope that you enjoyed Alina and Bryce’s crazy story in Going for Gold.  It did get a little crazy there huh?  I know it was a little different from my other novels, but I hope you still enjoyed it.  Thank you to everyone who has already left a review!  I love you guys ❤  If you have read it and haven’t left a review, it would mean the world to me if you shared your thoughts by leaving a review HERE.

And if you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy yet, I am running an Amazon Giveaway for it.  One random selected winner (determined by Amazon) will be announced on June 7th!  For a chance to win an e-copy, you can enter the Amazon Giveaway HERE.

Enter the Amazon Giveaway Here

Going for Gold Cover

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