City of Sin is FREE this weekend, Plus a Devotion Update

Devotion is almost done!  About 3/4 complete.  Everything is slowly falling into place, word by word. It’s truly been a roller coaster of emotions.  As the dust starts to settle, I’m realizing this really is the end.  A huge piece of my soul went into Penny’s character.  And this series has been the start of something I couldn’t have possibly imagined.  I owe that all to you guys.  I’m so grateful that you took a chance on my books and let me take you on this journey with me.

But enough being sappy!  Let’s talk about City of Sin (The Hunted Series Book 2.5) for a minute!

James’ best friend Mason has appeared throughout The Hunted Series.  But, he plays a much bigger role in Devotion.  If you haven’t met him and Bee yet (the main characters in City of Sin), now is definitely the time…because it’s free all weekend on kindle!  This book takes place during the two year gap between Addiction and Eruption and gives you insight into Penny and James’ relationship during that time.  Plus James is in it a lot, so you’ll be able to get your fix while you wait for Devotion!  It’s a sexy standalone with a HEA so it’s full of good feels.  And did I mention that it’s free this weekend? 😉

Click here to get your FREE copy of City of Sin

And once you read it, or if you have already read it, if you could take a moment to leave a review, it would mean the world to me.  You can leave your review HERE.

City of Sin Cover (1)

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