City of Sin, Ivy Smoak

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City of Sin,  Ivy Smoak

City of Sin by [Smoak, Ivy]

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

** this book is currently free on kindle so give it a try, if its your kind of read **

I hadn’t read the Hunted series – its now on my TBR list…esp as the first three are on KU, and hopefully number four will be when its released next month. If you’ve read them you’ll know Bee and Mason from there, but if like me you’ve not read them it doesn’t matter, this is a complete stand alone novel.

I loved Bee, life had knocked her hard – well, that da mn ex did anyway, but instead of retreating with her head hung low and going back home to her mum she sticks it out, pushes for the job she wants and tries to pick up her life. She’s still gutted though, she only moved her as Patrick did, and she’s finding…

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