Book 2 in the Made of Steel Series is Now Available for Pre-order

I promised to have the second book of the Made of Steel series out this spring.  And I’m just making the cutoff!  Forged in Flames with be released on June 13th.  See…a full week before the official first day of summer.  Boom!  <–  A hint about what happens?  Maybe 😉  It’s definitely another nail biter!

You can pre-order your copy today on:

Paperback copies will be available on release day

Forged in Flames CoverBlurb: I remember when I thought my life would be like the fairy tales I read about.  I’d do anything to go back in time when everything was so simple.  When my knight in shining armor had a face and a name.  When my biggest secret was that I snuck out at night to watch the stars.

I’m worried that there’s a sickness in me, swallowing me whole.  I don’t understand what’s happening to me.  I don’t understand why the only person I can find solace in is someone I can’t see.  I should want justice.  But I don’t.  I want revenge.  I need vengeance like I need the air I breathe.

No one can feel my pain.  No one can see just how badly I’ve been burned.  I’ve danced in the flames my whole life.  I know how to live in the fire.  But I’ve never come out unscathed.  A piece of me always turns to ash and there is no going back.  I can never be that little girl again.

I’m no princess.  I’m the villain.  I’ve been consumed by the flames, and I want everything in my path to burn.

So why such a delay with the release?  Sigh.  Because…life.  I was sick for quite awhile with an awful cold/allergy combo which really set me back.  Basically I thought it was allergies and kept pushing myself until I couldn’t move.  I get chills just thinking about it.  But even though I didn’t have the energy to write, I did have the energy to listen…I binged listened to the audiobook of Addiction (it’s amazing – more details about the release of this later).

I also had the time to look at my to do list for wedding planning.  I am so behind I don’t even want to think about it.  And now I know that addressing save the dates by hand is a bad idea.  November 4th will be here before I even know it!  I really need to figure out my color scheme…as soon as I’m done writing Forged in Flames of course 🙂  Any advice you have about wedding planning I would love to hear it!

Loved Made of Steel and can’t wait to read more about these characters?  Make sure to leave a review letting me know what you thought HERE.

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