Blue Parrot Resort

Lydia and Scott’s relationship had been on the fritz for months.  When Lydia’s friend, Julia, tells her that there’s a sexy, secretive resort, that completely reinvented her and her husband’s sex life, Lydia is skeptical.  She’s even more skeptical when Julia advises her that she should go with Scott and give him a free pass for the duration of the vacation.

A free pass to flirt with other people?  Could that really save their relationship?  Especially when she’s already worried that’s what Scott is doing working late every night.  But Lydia doesn’t have much of a choice when Julia books the vacation without her permission.  What’s the worst that could happen?  It seemed to help Julia’s marriage.  Maybe it can save hers.

But when the couple arrives at The Blue Parrot Resort, things don’t go quite how either of them planned…

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What readers are saying about Blue Parrot Resort:

“Hot, erotic read with a twist.” – Amazon Customer

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