Third Chances

Third Chances Cover

When your first chance passes you by, sometimes you regret it your whole life.  But what if you’re given a second chance?

Daphne lives a life of structure and routine.  It’s the only way to keep her demons at bay.  But when she has to let lose at her friend’s bachelorette party, her demons prove to be a little closer to the surface than she realizes.  She has to choose between holding onto the past, or embracing a future of uncertainty.  And the one person that makes her feel safe in a sea of chaos, is the one person that could ruin her.

Rob Hunter has demons of his own.  He lives a life of no strings attached encounters, traveling from one city to the next, with nothing to hold him in place.  But there’s something missing from his life, eating away at his happiness.  When a girl he never got the chance to claim shows up during his brother’s bachelor party, he’s not going to let the opportunity to have her slide through his fingers again.  The only problem is that this girl is more than just a pretty face and a way to keep his bed warm at night.  She’s playing for keeps, and that’s one game he’s not sure he can win.

But what happens when second chances fade away too?  Can third chances stick?

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What readers are saying about Third Chances:

“When Rob and Daphne finally officially meet, the sparks fly. What I love about these characters is that they bring out the best in each other. Their story is funny, super sexy and I was able to really connect to them. At the very heart of this story is the idea of letting go of your past and finding what your heart truly desires.” – Jennifer from

“I highly recommend this stand alone! Funny, sexy, and a complete feel good! Daphne and Robs story is full of passion, lust and a deep connection that comes through as palpable and envy worthy. I laughed and cried for the both of them. They both fight for their love and come together. This will definitely be a reread for me!” –Michelle from Amazon

“This was a great story about two lost souls finding completion in one another.” – Stephanie from Amazon

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